Fly Eagles Fly!

We were a little cranky today. Little sleep and little food will do that to you. Fireworks, loud drunks, celebrating went on right outside our window. The Eagles won the German Cup! The Frankfurt Eagles soccer team that is. Our hotel was right smack in the center of it all. I guess we made up for not being home when the Philly Eagles won the Super Bowl. 

Lacking A.C., too noisy to open windows, we had a restless night. Yesterday was Sunday and today seems to be a holiday, so most the stores are closed.

The restaurants that are open print their menus in German. We are having a hard time hunting and gathering. I thought I ordered a pastry for breakfast, but I ended up with tea and chocolate milk!

Frankfurt is not putting on it’s best finery for us. Our hotel is in an old neighborhood, but most of the city reminds me of Philadelphia, with city high rises and city streets. We rode a Hop-on Hop-off bus that gave us a quick tour of the landmarks. 


We peered at paintings by Rubin and decided he wasn’t out favorite artist. Strolling along the waterfront we saw a very happy dog  chasing birds and rolling in the dirt. There were a lot of families out enjoying the warm day. It was the first time we noticed people wearing shorts in Europe. It is also the warmest day we’ve had.

Hopefully tonight will be quieter. Fly away Eagles, fly away!

2 thoughts on “Fly Eagles Fly!

  1. Dawn Bunyon

    Lack of sleep and food always makes me cranky too. Hopefully your bellys are full and you had some rest. You have more exploring to do!

  2. Linda newman

    Joy, you look so disappointed with your tea and chocolate milk! A funny experience for sure!


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