Our Story

There was once a boy named Kevin and a girl named Joy who didn’t know what to do with themselves – not just sometimes, but always.

As they hurried along through life unhappy thoughts of nowhere to go and nothing to do followed. It was a wonder that in this large world nothing really interested them. The mornings seemed long, the afternoons even longer. Bedtime was the worse, because morning lay on the other side.

The once blue sky was foggy and grey. The grass and trees, even the flowers, were withered. The birds’ songs monotone and blah. The air clung heavily like a cloak dragging them down into the murkiness of the everyday.

Yawning at the endless nothingness, they realized they were mired in the land of Doldrums. Without thinking about where they were going and not paying attention to what they were doing Kevin and Joy got stuck in the mud of nowhere.

Settling back into the couch cushions, ready to nap they were startled awake by the growling of a dog, “Grrrrrr…”

“Ouch!” Joy shouted jumping to her feet.

“Ouch!” Kevin shouted as he too leapt to his feet, “Something bit me.”

“Me too!”

Glancing down at their throbbing ankles they noticed an unusual looking little dog. Like a normal dog he had large ears – somewhat floppy, a nose good for sniffing and a waggable tail – which at the moment wasn’t wagging because he was too busy scratching a flea behind one of his somewhat floppy ears.

What made him a little more remarkable than the usual hound was that where a nice round belly full of dog chow and chewy treats should be there was what looked to be a globe of the Earth- the kind you used to find on top of a classroom bookshelf, close your eyes, point your finger and spin to see where you would land.

“So, yeah, hi. I’m Milo.  Please excuse my gruff conduct, but I’ve been sitting here waiting for you for a while, and finally I just couldn’t hold it in any longer. I need to go out. I need to go out now.”

“Ummm…” Kevin said as he pondered the unlikelihood of a dog, a talking dog at that, to be here in his house asking, no demanding to be let out, “I don’t know how you got in here, but couldn’t you let yourself out the same way you came in.”

“Yes,” mumbled Joy as she rubbed her sore foot, “wouldn’t that be a better solution than biting us, I mean, that really hurt.”

“You two let me in, and only you two can let me out, “whined Milo with big pleading brown eyes.

Kevin and Joy  looked at each other, read each others minds – a skilled acquired from living together year after year, shrugged their shoulders, rolled their eyes, and shook their heads.

Milo sighed, “You let me in when Joy got that nagging little thought in the farthest and deepest crevices of her brain that maybe, just maybe something needed to change. Kevin opened the door wide with a welcome mat when Joy’s nagging little thought tugged at his own little nagging thoughts hidden beneath the dirt and grime of his this needs to be done and that isn’t done yets.”

“I’m a guide dog, here to help you get unstuck. Hurry, I really need to be let out or there is going to be a mess.”

“So-o-o… how do we do we do that?”

“Well, how did I get here?”

“We started to think.”


“We should think some more.”

“What should we think about?”

“That’s up to you of course.”

It was hard to have a discussion with a talking dog and not stare, even though their parents had taught them not to stare at strangers, but Kevin and Joy had never seen anything stranger than Milo and couldn’t help but to stare, especially at the revolving map that was his belly.

“New Zealand…China…Korea…”Joy started to think as she felt for Kevin’s hand.

“Africa…Europe…Panama…”Kevin thought as he twined his fingers about Joys’.

“Quickly, grab my leash!” shouted Milo.

Reaching out together they grasped Milo’s lead. Eager to start, with a wag, a few loops in a circle, Milo bounded to the door pulling the two behind in his wake. With just one glance back at their warm, cozy home, the boy and the girl turned the knob…





3 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Grace Richter

    I just ran across this for the first time. It’s pretty cool writing. I guess you’re planning to wrote a book about your travels too.

    I hope the Northern Lights are shining as you’re you and Milo are are on your walk tonight.

    Auntil Grace


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