My eyes keep closing. I’m trying to keep the eyelids up, but after 27 hours of being crammed into an airplane seat and now train hopping our way back from JFK airport it’s a losing battle. I feel sorry for my fellow passengers. We stink and have a glazed eyed look about us. I wouldn’t want to sit next to us. We’ve gotten a couple of strange stares. With our mussed hair, backpacks and short sleeves while everyone is bundled up, I guess we do stand out.

We did so much on our trip that wasn’t covered in the blog. Kevin’s Grandmom visited 6 continents and took very few pictures. She said it took away from the experience.  There is some truth in that, but that didn’t stop us from clicking away. We wanted to capture every moment and savor it. We’d like to be able to reminisce about our adventure 10, 20, 30 years from now. Our memories aren’t so great even now to remember what we saw and did without some photographic help.

We took about 1,200 photos in New Zealand. With slow to no internet while camping, we haven’t had much chance to go through them. At times it took Kevin up to an hour to upload one picture to the website! With the writing, sometimes I had to re-write a paragraph three times. When I went to save it the wi-fi would cut out and I’d lose it, both the post and my mind.

With that in mind we’re posting a couple more pictures here . When we’ve cleaned ourselves up a bit, rested, and cleared the fog from our brains, we plan to take stock of our experiences so far on our journey. What have Kevin and I learned so far? And, is there some discovery about ourselves and our future? Or, do we have to do a lot more searching?

But first, a good scrub in a warm shower and some shut eye in our very own bed.


























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    1. joy

      It took me a while to figure out why they gave me a spoon with my lunch, because the other items were a sandwich, water and chips. It beat having to peel it.


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