Walking Day

My feet hurt. I think I’ll fall asleep as soon as I lay down. That’s the sign for a good day. Kevin and I spent the day walking, and then walking some more until we covered 26.2 miles.  

Our walk took us out into the countryside and away from the more heavily touristed areas.  Although we started at 8am, the streets were fairly quiet. When we returned to Fussen in the evening the streets were so packed that it looked like a different city.

We started by following the trail along the river to Lechefalls. The man-made falls cascade swiftly down through a narrow gorge. We enjoyed standing on the bridge watching the water rush underneath us.

Turning around we headed towards Neuschwanstein. I wanted to run around in the fields of wildflowers.

The birds were up, as well as a few cyclists on their way to the castles. Cows with the softest fuzzy ears watched us uninterestingly. They wore bells about their necks. We liked the sound, but thought we’d be annoyed having to listen to it all day if we were a cow. By the way they were lolling in the sun and lazily chewing their cud, I don’t think they were too bothered by it.

We walked by the castles again, but we found some gravel roads that stretched behind the village and up into the hills. Our goal was a gondola ride that was based in the next town over. We could see paragliders drifting down from the mountain peak at the top of the gondola ride.

After watching a  couple gondolas passing overhead we were eager for  our turn. When we got there they packed us in, so the ride wasn’t as fun as we thought it would be. The views from the top were amazing, worth the trip.

 It was hard walking because we’d take a step, look around, take a step, look around.  Our eyes would open wider as we turned a new corner or reached a rocky out cropping.

If we looked up we saw the beautiful mountains.

If we looked down we saw the prettiest alpine flowers. The type of flowers would change as we went further and further down the mountain.

The fauna was just as interesting as the flora. We didn’t see any big wild animals. We saw lots of  butterflies. Some as tiny as my pinky fingernail. There were a lot of snails leaving sparkly trails. We even saw a snake bathing in the sunshine.

On the way back through  Fussen we swung down a path that led to a dam. The town doesn’t flood as much as it used to, but the dam put rafting out of business on this part of the Leche river. On the way to the dam we stopped to take pictures of a couple of swans.

We sort of shuffled our way through the streets of town. Cobblestones are rough on sore feet. After picking up a couple of Bavarian Snowballs that we spied at a bakery in the morning, we headed to our hotel for a quick dinner and a short rest before heading back out to complete our marathon.

 Luckily we went back for our jackets. It had started to rain. We were reluctant to continue our journey. We would have missed the salamanders and  toads. There were so many we had to watch where we stepped.

We were thinking of turning around to head back to the hotel when we finally saw the Austrian Border. We  had our passports with us, but there wasn’t anyone in the middle of the woods to check them.

We hiked a little more to make it official then set off to find a warm shower and comfy bed. We  are looking forward to sleeping in to tomorrow.

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  1. Grace Richter

    I’m enjoyin your travels as I sip coffee at breakfast.
    You’re seeing so many beautiful spots. What an experience!


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