Water Day

We don’t always know where we are going and what we’re going to do when we start up the van in the morning. Right now we are sort of heading back to Auckland. We have a couple of days before we need to return the camper. The road led us to some interesting places today, and we noticed a theme as the day wore on. We call this day Water Day!

Waders are a wonderful invention. They kept us nice and dry while we trekked out into the ocean to say hello to some stingrays. Females swim close to shore when they are nursing. 

For sixteen years this one company has been taking tourists out to see the Eagle Rays and Short Tailed Rays in the shallow water. They’ve become friends with many of them. They act like puppies.

But you’ve got to watch your fingers. They aren’t the only ones swimming around by our feet. There are a couple of large Kingfish, with teeth. We’re taught how to put our hands in a fist so they don’t attack our fingers.

We’re each given a piece of fish to feed them. I didn’t get it right and ended up with a bruised finger. Kevin enjoyed it and even fed the Kingfish, no problem. The stingrays liked him a lot. They can tell us a part by our heartbeats. I think they could tell i was a bit nervous after getting my finger bitten.

We never thought the stingrays could be so cute. It was a good stop, but over all too quickly.

We hop back in the van and search for a new place to discover.

This time it’s another hike and another waterfall. You can’t go wrong with that combination.

We thought we heard a different bird sound, like a parrot.  We’ve been hoping to see a Kea, a very smart, large green parrot. Unfortunately, we still haven’t seen one. They must be too smart for us.

We did get to see a very large pigeon hanging out at the hot springs though. The Kereru  looks like our pigeons, except it is about the size of a chicken!

The hot springs were extremely relaxing. It was drizzling and on the cool side, so we we didn’t have to share the experience with many people. We went back and forth a couple of times between the hot pool and the cold pool.


6 thoughts on “Water Day

  1. I woud

    I would like to relax where Kevin is in the pool. My back is saying that would feel wonderful.
    When we went up in the 2 seater plane down in Florida, We could see all the beautiful sting rays, I remember being very excited watching the form swimming in the ocean, It would be more exciting being right in the water and touching them.

    Such a beautiful place.

    1. norion5_wp Post author

      Kevin didn’t want to leave the hot pool. It probably would’ve felt good on your back.
      The stingrays were very soft.

  2. Dawn Bunyon

    Ouch. I hope Joy’s finger is feeling better. The springs must have felt great after all your hiking. Sometimes rainy days are the best days. Xox


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